What equipment do I need to start to make lace?

You will need a lace pillow, some pins, about 20 bobbins and a reel of cotton thread. Our Lace Club can help you to get a Beginner’s Pack of these items, which are available for £20. We advise having some one to one tuition from an experienced lacemaker to get you started. Contact us for help: info.edinburghlaceclub@gmail.com

There are also two very good publications to help you begin:

  • ‘An Introduction to Torchon Lace’ by The Lace Guild
  • ‘Torchon Lacemaking’ by Jan Tregidgo

Where can I purchase lacemaking equipment and threads?

Most lacemakers buy their materials online or at Lace Days run by the various Lace Clubs around the country. Occasionally, local craft fairs will also stock such items. As before, help from an experienced lacemaker is invaluable. For more information, see the Suppliers List on our Useful Links Page.

Am I too old/too young to learn to make lace?

No! Never! Youngsters pick it up very quickly, while older enthusiasts gain just as much of a thrill mastering the techniques. You are never too young or too old to take it up!

My child would like to learn to make lace. Where can they learn?

We have a Young Lacemakers’ Group which meets fortnightly during term time in Waitrose Community Room, Comely Waitrose Community Centre, 38 Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh EH4 1AW.

We welcome both girls and boys from nine years of age to 18. Contact us for more information: info.edinburghlaceclub@gmail.com

Is lacemaking just for making edgings and doily mats?

No! There are many things you can make, from jewellery, ornaments, pictures, scarves, etc. Have a look at our Gallery page for ideas.

Isn’t lacemaking a bit old-fashioned?

Absolutely not! Of course, you can make beautiful items using old traditional patterns, but many lacemakers make contemporary and very modern items.

Isn’t lace always white?

White or ecru are the traditional colours of thread for lace, but nowadays many lacemakers incorporate colour into their work, as well as a variety of textured threads and even wire.

Do I need to have very good eyesight to do lace?

It helps, but lace can be made on any scale. The finest lace does require good eyesight (or glasses), or even a magnifying visor, but thicker threads and enlarged patterns does not mar the enjoyment of making lace.

Where can I join a group to make lace?

See details of our club meetings on our Where & When Page.  Contact us for more information about other areas on info.edinburghlaceclub@gmail.com 

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