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Chair Person

The first time I saw someone making lace was at a ‘Harvest Fair’, back in the Netherlands, where also different crafts were demonstrated.  After having been on the waiting list for two years, I started lace classes in 1987 and continued with them until I moved to Edinburgh in 1999.  Quite soon after, I joined the Edinburgh Lace Club.  Over the years, I have been Secretary and Treasurer and, in 2016, I became Chair Person.  It is always a challenge to fit in making lace with other crafts, hillwalking, travelling, gardening and, last but not least, work. 



After the school cardigan knitting was over in the 1990s, I started lacemaking classes at The Embroidery Shop in Edinburgh.  Work was challenging, so my progression with lace was slow.  Torchon came first, which I still enjoy for its versatility.  Now, the Continental laces, Flanders and Binche, are my favourites.  Over the years, I’ve held various posts within Edinburgh Lace Club: Tea Lady, Course Co-ordinator, Secretary, Chairperson and, at present, I am Treasurer.  I was one of the organisers for our very successful 35th Anniversary Exhibition in August 2015.  Back to Tea Lady again after this!



Although I love all crafts related to fabric and fibres, I started making lace relatively late in my life, in 2013, at The Edinburgh Summer School Lace Course at Heriot-Watt University.  The drive to do this was the discovery that my four times great grandmother had been a lacemaker in Buckinghamshire.  After retiring from teaching later that year, I joined the Edinburgh Lace Club and continued making lace.  I became Tea Lady for a couple of years and then Secretary in 2015.  I am now trying to expand my lacemaking repertoire into Flanders, Binche and, at the moment, contemporary lace.


Course Co-ordinator

In 2010, I started making lace and I have been hooked ever since.  The first thing that attracted me to it was the bobbins.  I remember seeing old bobbins at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum in Northern Ireland and was intrigued by them, wondering what they were for.  I have been making lace ever since.  I enjoy making Torchon and Flanders, and have recently starting learning Bucks, but I truly love to design my own contemporary lace.  I also design and sell kits via my website.  During my time with the Edinburgh Lace Club, I have been Librarian and am now the Course Co-ordinator. 


Committee Member

I had my first introduction to bobbin lace when I attended The Edinburgh Summer School Lace Course at Heriot-Watt University for two days in July 2013.  Lace was put on hold until October 2016, when I was invited to join a small group of ladies who make lace every Monday afternoon.  I have tackled Torchon and am now learning the joys of Flanders.  I joined the Edinburgh Lace Club Committee in November 2017.

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