• At work on the pillow

    At work on the pillow

    Working on Bucks at Edinburgh Lace Course

  • Iris


    An example of continental lace – this one is Flanders

  • Tulips


    An example of continental lace – this one is Binche


  • Snowdrops


    An example of tape lace

  • Idrija Lace

    Idrija Lace

    Idrija is a type of tape lace

  • Knitted Lace

    Knitted Lace

    Not all lace is bobbin lace!

  • Contemporary Lace

    Contemporary Lace

    Breaking Wave – this piece was worked freeform with no pattern in a variety of threads and fibres, wire and seed beads

Keeping Lace Alive!
Lace is more than just a hankie edging  . . .

The Edinburgh Lace Club (ELC) celebrated its 35th anniversary in 2015 with over 40 members.

We make many types of traditional British and Continental bobbin lace, as well as modern/contemporary lace.  For example:  Torchon, Bedfordshire (Beds), Honiton, Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Idrija, etc.  Our members also enjoy Knitted Lace, Needle Lace, Crochet and Tatting.

From beginner to expert, all of us have a love of lace and lacemaking, which (like any craft) has been proven to be meditative, de-stressing, creativity enhancing and a great way to meet and make friends in a supportive environment.



       Our members are all ages and share a love of

 creating beautiful things in lace of all types and styles.

Latest News

. . . STOP PRESS! . . .

There are now just two places remaining (only in certain classes)** on the Edinburgh Lace Course (Summer School) at Heriot-Watt University Campus from […]

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Let’s get lacemaking on the map! TV company looking for crafters – why not you?!

Come on folks – there are loads of fabulous lacemakers, tatters and crocheters out there!  Why not get in touch?

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Embroidered Stories: Scottish Samplers: Daily until 21 April

Scottish Samplers Made by girls and occasionally boys, usually as part of their education, samplers are small pieces of needlework […]

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